Overview of the Pharaoh’s Fortune Slot Machine

IGT Casinos offers the Pharaoh’s Fortune video slot machine. The title suggests an Egyptian theme, which is shared with a number of other popular video slots (such as Book of Ra, Cleopatra, and Book of Dead). This slot machine game is not called Pharaoh’s Fortune, despite the fact that many slot machine designers ignore basic grammar rules. What on earth would that imply?

Pharoah’s Fortune Slots: Learn the Finer Points

In the distant past, in August of 2006, Pharaohs Fortune was released by IGT Casinos. IGT is a global leader in the design and development of casino gaming systems for both virtual and physical casinos. Pharaohs Fortune really had its start at a physical casino. The game was a huge hit in traditional casinos, especially in the United States. It could be seen in the lobby of nearly every hotel in Las Vegas. It’s no surprise then that IGT developed an online variant.



There aren’t any bland characters that get in the way of the action like there are in some comparable video slots. Instead, you got a game that is unpretentious and refreshingly straightforward. Maybe that’s why people keep coming back for more.

The Art of the Pharaohs’ Fortune


Even after 12 years, the visuals of Pharaoh’s Fortune are undeniably appealing. The columns of the sandstone temple in the backdrop, which also serve as the tabs for the game’s pay lines, are ornately decorated with hieroglyphics. A row of buttons labeled “Lines,” “Line Bet,” “Total Bet,” “Win,” “Balance,” and “Auto-spin” sits just underneath the gaming window. Compared to competing slots like Book of Dead, the reel symbols are better designed and have a stronger connection to Egyptological themes.


It’s obvious that a lot of effort was put into creating a soundtrack that accurately conveys the spirit of ancient Egypt and the mysterious times of antiquity. Oh, they went for that dreadful ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles. They at least correctly identified the issue.


What Specific Functions Does Pharaoh’s Fortune Offer?

Five reels make up Pharaoh’s Fortune, and the game has 15 fixed paylines (increased from 10 in 2014). To adjust your wager, just click the corresponding up or down arrow next to the line bet button.


The reels are decorated with colorful hieroglyphic symbols that have different values depending on their hue. Backgrounds with a lighter shade of yellow represent lower values, whereas darker images represent greater ones. It’s a great strategy for bringing in additional players, and it shines during the bonus spins round.


The pyramid icon from Pharaoh’s Fortune serves as the Wild symbol. By exchanging high- and low-value symbols, you may build paylines that are more likely to be successful. The base game jackpot is 10,000 coins, and it may be won by getting five wild symbols on any one of the game’s 15 pay lines.


Scatter payouts begin with only two Scarab Beetle symbols appearing anywhere in view on the reels. As more of them fall into place, the payout rises:


Two scatter signs equals two coins.

Payout for three Scatters: five coins

Ten coins for four scatter symbols.

If you get five scatter icons, you win $50.

Added Value Functions

The Pharaoh’s Fortune bonus round is activated when the smiling Tutankhamun death mask appears. This awards you with three initial free spins and a singlex multiplier. In addition, this triggers the Free Spins Bonus Stones feature.


In this game, you’ll need to choose a stone to uncover one of three bonuses—extra free spins, a multiplier increase, or the activation of previously hidden free spins. Keep clicking the stones until you get the “start free spins round” prompt. So it is possible to win up to 25 free games and a multiplier of up to 6x.


When the bonus game of free spins begins, the number of paylines increases to 20 and stays at that level throughout. Free spins may be retriggered an unlimited number of times, up to 999 times, and you’re assured a win on every spin.  Just so you don’t get your hopes up too high, the size of these awards is often rather low.


You may get your feet wet in the exciting world of Pharaoh’s Fortune slots by trying them out for free on most of the big casino websites. The rules stipulate that the free demo slot machine must operate similarly to the actual thing. Therefore, you should be able to trust that the theoretical profits you receive from any Pharaoh’s Fortune demo game you play do not mislead you.


Mobile Slot Machine: Pharaoh’s Fortune

The mobile version of Pharaoh’s Fortune is not yet available, unfortunately.


When Can I Play Where?

If a casino thinks it’s too hip to carry this traditional slot machine, that’s their issue, not yours. Whenever I visit a Nektan casino, I usually see IGT games available. The Pyramid’s Fortune Casino (note the apostrophe) is a fan-favorite. We provide you with consistent themes, so you can’t complain about that. You’ll really feel like you’re in Ancient Egypt! Simply register and press the PLAY button to begin.


A Brief Overview of Our Pharaoh’s Fortune

However, it is not hard to see why Pharaohs Fortune is considered a classic. One key benefit is the frequency with which additional bonus features can be activated. Considering how cutthroat this market is, it’s also impressive that the game’s visuals and animations have held up well for almost a decade. And as you’re spinning the reels, the seductive sounds of Susana Hoffs will be playing in the background. Can things possibly improve from here? Probably, but Pharaoh’s Fortune still stands tall among slot machines.


Advantages Players’ all-time favorite slot machine game

Get up to 25 Spins Free!

Increasing by a factor of up to six, the negatives

An ROI of 94.78% is below average.

There is only one major added benefit

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