Super Million Poker Open Winner

At free credit 50 make 600 withdraw 300 Bodog we love to praise our players’ triumphs, and that is the reason today we will gain proficiency with somewhat more about Martin: The last incredible hero of the Very Million Poker Open! This competition offers in excess of 150 concurrent occasions, it is a multi-table competition, which ensures in excess of 8,000,000 bucks in prizes. Congrats, Martin!

martin victor smpo
Furthermore, on the grounds that you gain from the best, we will explain to you why Martín picks Bodog, what his number one game methodology is, what sort of competitions he likes… Everything! Here we go!

Victor of the Very Million Poker Open, we know Martin
As we like to do on our Bodog blog, today we’re presenting to you a meeting with Martin, who just won the Very Million Poker Open Competition . Martin truly prefers to play poker on the web, and he let us know that he has been an expert poker player for quite some time. He lives in Mexico and has had a Bodog account starting around 2017, what we could say, a standard player at our virtual tables.
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We will discover somewhat more about him, who figured out how to situate himself as number one, in the last SMPO occasion.

Who is the most recent champ of the Very Million Poker Open?
It may not seem like it, yet yes. The most recent champ of the Very Million Poker Open is an individual of flesh, similar to any of us. As a matter of fact, Martín, an expert poker player who has been playing this discipline for quite a long time, is going to become a dad…

She let us know that she is anticipating her most memorable child, so she doesn’t have a lot of time during the day to play. In that sense, Bodog’s large daily competitions prove to be useful.

Play on various locales, yes. Be that as it may, he inclines toward Bodog. What’s more, he loves to kick back around evening time and drink a lager before he plays. He views the games at our home as loads of tomfoolery, and he referenced a bold, fun field of players that makes contest more alluring!

Martin’s involvement with proficient poker
Martin has a great deal of involvement playing on different web-based destinations. Notwithstanding, he lean towards our home and suggests it. We appreciatively ask them for what reason… furthermore, he has valid justification for it.

All things considered, he just won, in all honesty, the SMPO, a competition worth more than $8 million in prize cash!

We realize that you play various kinds of poker games, which provides you with a ton of involvement to know how to pick what you like.

For what reason does the SMPO victor pick Bodog?
At the point when we asked the great boss for what good reason he picks Bodog, how much fun it is to play at our tables was something that stood apart the most.

bodog competition table
In any case, he additionally referenced a few different things that make bodog tables his number one spot to play. This is everything that he said to us:

Different experience: fun contenders and games
Bodog offers an alternate encounter, both the games and the members are enjoyable.

unknown games
Games are unknown! Individuals play more loose and have a good time. Furthermore, this permits you to have a more imaginative style. Bodog players play unafraid.

Huge and night competitions
There are huge competitions and the greatest deal is around evening time. For him that is great, since he doesn’t have a lot of time during the day. He truly appreciates plunking down with a lager and messing around. His top choices are multi-table competitions and PKO. He truly appreciates playing Abundance competitions, importance with additional prizes and motivations.

Quick stores and cashbacks
Stores and Cashback at Bodog are quick. The elements are quicker to play.

Great client support
He generally felt in capable hands, he said that Bodog support is excellent and dexterous. Furthermore, we feel complimented. Many thanks, Martin!

great rewards
Moreover, the boss referenced that he finds the Bodog rewards generally excellent and they are an incredible motivating force to play.

Multi-table competitions (MMT) or satellite games?
When inquired as to whether he favored satellites or multi-table games, he told us, he plays a satellite or two, however he lean towards multi-table games, or those with an abundance, similar to moderate Ko’s of some sort’s. As a matter of fact, multi-table games are his claim to fame, as his most recent win demonstrated.

Sports wagering or poker: which do you like?
Martin likewise let us know that, in spite of the fact that he once made sports wagers for the sake of entertainment, he lean towards poker, particularly on the web and particularly at Bodog.

Tips and techniques for playing competitions
We could list a few poker competition tips , be that as it may, Martin gave us a few unmistakable tips in regards to the methodology he gets a kick out of the chance to utilize. How about we find out what are the systems that serve him the most.

More forceful and quicker technique in Abundance competitions
The fresh out of the box new SMPO champ featured something essential: the capacity to adjust. It isn’t played something similar at all tables, nor in all competitions.

He utilizes a more forceful procedure and plays quicker in competitions with Abundance, for instance. That is, in those where there is some extra award.

Moderate Take Out (PKO)
Martin additionally let us know that he truly loves our Dynamic Take Out competitions. Furthermore, on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea everything knockout competitions are , we say to you that they are occasions where by taking out another player you get a monetary prize. This is paying little heed to where you finish in the competition. So everybody can win an award in the event that they figure out how to dispose of a rival.

They’re such a lot of tomfoolery, and hands down one of the most famous competitions at Bodog!

Take out players to win the Abundance
At the table, and in the games Martin likes, different players resemble his foes. What’s more, the goal is to dispose of them to take the prize. While actually having a great time, obviously, as he referenced in his meeting!

Clearly, that strategy functions admirably for him, since he has quite recently won a succulent award, in the extraordinary bodog multi-table competition, no more and something like the Very Million Poker Open. What’s more, the honor came at an excellent time, a couple of months after Martín became a dad. Martin has a great deal to celebrate!

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